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The ‘Poly’ (as Mr. Tupper called it) touch for good luck!

Tupperware products globally are renowned for its quality and design. It’s amazing to see how a glob of plastic made from an industrial waste material gave the world a new product line, and became a symbol of women empowerment!

Tupperware product’s story is truly a classic tale of innovation and reinvention, a success story of empowerment and building confidence. Brownie Wise once told the women, “Just get your fingers on it, wish for what you want. Know it’s going to come true, and then get out and work like everything... and it will!”

Tupperware products not only have extended the life of leftover food and a family’s budget, but also have created and empowered individuals to run their own business and be the boss too.

Tupperware products are truly, Mr. Earl Tupper’s masterpieces. They have been showcased world over in famous museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Centre Pompidou of Paris, The Design Museum of London, The Dentsu Gallery of Tokyo, The Smithsonian Institution of Washington, and The Natural Museum of American History.

But the best place where the products are showcased and used are in the millions of homes across the globe.

At Par with World Standards

All Tupperware products are made from safe and non-toxic materials. The containers do not release any harmful chemicals in food or liquid contents.

So every time you pack food for your loved ones, be rest assured that all you have packed is taste and love.

Innovative Design

Inspired from Mr. Tupper’s inventive and innovative thinking, till date Tupperware products are designed keeping the customer’s needs in mind.

Tupperware product designs have won awards worldwide.

Colour Safe

Tupperware products are full of life and colour. They come in an array of beautiful, trendy colours. One can be totally assured that the colourants used are safe.

Microwave Safe

When life is moving at a nanosecond pace, Tupperware products ensure that you are equipped well to keep up to the demands of this fast moving life. Where some products are indicated as microwave safe, Tupperware used material strictly meant for microwave use only. Great thinking!

Top Quality and Finishing

When accidentally Ms. Wise dropped a Tupperware bowl off the table, she was amazed to find that instead of breaking, it bounced. At Tupperware, we make sure that all products have passed stringent tests and are built to last long.

The smooth finish, and textures make the product so much more appealing; everyone would want to have in their homes.

With the Environment Always

We respect our natural surroundings and make sure that Tupperware products are designed for long-term use. As a responsible brand and eco-sensitive company, proactively we seek to minimise waste, energy use and greenhouse gases globally across all our manufacturing processes by applying our ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ (3R) Resource Conservation Program.

Tupperware Relevant Product Solutions will guide you to know more about an environment-friendly lifestyle.