Our Vision and Values

Tupperware brand
  • Our Purpose

Inspire women to cultivate the confidence they need to enrich their lives, nourish their families, and fuel communities around the world.

  • Our Vision

Ignite a global community, especially women, to realize their best selves through opportunity, enrichment, celebration, and above all else, uplifting relationships. We are committed to accelerating profitable revenue growth for the benefit of all our stakeholders.


Our values are the foundation of what we believe and are passionate about achieving.

  1. Extend a hand.
  2. We lift each other up by empowering women everywhere through life-changing opportunities that inspire them to realize their full potential and create their own path.
  3. Dream big.
  4. We’re a company founded on innovation. We remain as committed as ever to bringing groundbreaking ideas, products and opportunities to the world.
  5. Succeed together.
  6. We’re a diverse community that pulls together as a single, strong team. We collaborate freely and share in each other’s achievements and success, creating our Chain of Confidence.
  7. Celebrate each other.
  8. We’re invested in each other’s success and know that every achievement is worth celebrating. We recognize milestones large and small, together as one community.
  9. Do right by others.
  10. We act and speak with integrity and never forget that we’re accountable to the Tupperware Family of Sales Force, Associates, Consumers, and Investors.