Witness the many inspiring events, Tupperware organises all-year round. From Distributor events to Leadership Summits, to Conferences to many fun-filled celebrations, Tupperware makes sure to honour its people and to instill in them the Tupperware way of life!

Notice for 20th Annual General Meeting

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Summer Celebration 2017
Summer Celebration is the biggest event of the tupperawre India with over 7000 participants from the salesForce. This year, Summer Celebrations was based on the theme of "Race To The Top" and was held in 13 cities across India.

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Incentive Trip 2017
The Most awaited Trip to dream destination London, was organised for the qualifying distributors and the Trip for Managers, Group of Managers to the exotic loaction of Phukeet and Bangkok.

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Jubliee 2017
Biggest event of the year "The Jubliee" held in Agra in August 2017. The theme of the jubliee was "All Lignts On". SalesForce treated to a real and royal experience.

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 Summer celebrations 2016

This summer celebration was based on the theme of 20th year celebration, were held in 11 different cities, overall 11000 women participated. This year it comprised of Various product launch.

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Go Set Go

A Distinctive event which was led by distributors and was conducted in month of February and March at various locations. It included a kitchen expert ceremony where in the kitchen experts were handed over certificates and badges. 

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Annual Distributors Conference 2015

Venue- Hyderabad
The annual distributors conference was based on the theme of 20 years of Tupperware in India. 105 distributors attended the conference. New products Juist and Speedy chef were launched during conference. 

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Leadership Summit 2015

Date: 22nd to 23rd July
Venue- The Taj Mansingh road, New Delhi
Leadership Summit 2015 was a great get together of our leaders and distributors. It was held to plan, mark out our present and future success of this year. 

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Power and Empowerer club Achievers

The event which was conducted in February 2015 saw a great appreciation. All the qualifiers for the Power and Empowerer club recieved trophies as a part of the event. 

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Regional leader’s Conference

Date: 19th to 26th August
Venue- Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru
Regional leader’s Conference was held in these four cities with the theme of “Imagine What We can do”The event was attended by 1500 sales forces and it included various recognitions and fun activities 

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Jubilee 2015

Date: 11th to 13th Aug
Venue- JW Marriott, New Delhi
Jubilee is biggest yearly event of Tupperware India. This Year the theme of the event was “Imagine what we can do” which involved loads of excitement and fun. The event was attended by Group managers, Executive managers and Distributors. 

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Summer celebration 2015

Summer celebration 2015 was held on our birthday month and it was done on 11 locations and was attended by 12000 Sales force. This year we launched kitchen expert for our sales force which become a instant hit. 

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Summer Celebrations May 2014

Summer celebration was held in 10 different cities. 10000 sales force attended this event.These events are a fun platform to bring our newly joined consultants along with our existing sales force.

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Jubilee 2014

Venue- Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad
A yearly “Jubilee” was celebrated in monsoon where our sales team got together to celebrate their achievements. We had around 2000 Women who had qualified the challenge and were invited to this larger than life event 

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Love enjoyed, fesh at work
Date: Aug 2011
Venue : Pan India
A new campaign revolving around Lunch series from Tupperware was launched in August’2011. Covering all major national and vernacular newspapers and top radio stations in metro, this campaign


Date: Aug 2011
Venue : Pan India
Tupperware associated with Bodyguard, the latest release of Superstars Salman Khan & Kareena Kapoor. Tupperware in film brand and product placement was not to be missed in the movie. 


Confidence Today Tomorrow & Forever
Date: Aug 2011
Venue : Pan India
Celebrating the un-daunting spirit of Women – Tupperware honoured the hard work of its leaders pan India in the Regional Leaders Conference, held across the country at four locations 


 The Jubilee
Date: Aug 2011
The first ever Executive & Group Managers’ Jubilee of Tupperware India was held nizam style in The Park, Hyderabad. The event was attended by top Tupperware Executive & Group