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Journey of 20 years

Date: 13th June 2016 

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Burp and seal

Date: 25th May 2016 

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Twist in taste

Date: April 2016 

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Market munch

Date: March 2016 

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AGM Notice

Date: 24th Sep 2015
Source : Tupperware India 

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Kitchen Makeover

Date: 30th July 2014 

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Tupperware Goes More Premium

 Date: 10th Jul 2013
Source : Business Standard

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The Perfect package

The Perfect package
Date: 10th Jul 2013
Source : India Today women 

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Princes of plastic

Date: 15th Sept 2013 

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Festival range

Date: 9th Nov 2012 

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Shop hoping

Date: Nov 2012 

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Sweet Summer

Date: June 2012 

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That's Hot

Date: 27th Nov 2012 

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Tumble On

Date: Nov 2012 

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Eat in style

Date: June 2012 

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Indian customers have made our sales force as part of there address book

Said Asha Gupta , MD, Tupperware India
Date: 13th Sept 2011

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Some battles are worth loosing your hair over

Arti shah, a top distributor at Tupperware
Date: June 2011

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We'll never sell through retail

Said Asha Gupta , MD, Tupperware India 
Date: 16th July 2010

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Store it right

 Celebrate the festivities this season with Tupperware's new printed one-touch canisters 'The Royal Jaipur Collection'.

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Tupperware introduces Freedom Tumblers

 Tupperware has introduced a new collection of stylish tumblers called Freedom Tumblers. These masterpieces are a perfect confluence of vitality and utility factors.

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Promoting business talents

 It was one of the largest direct selling recruitment drives of Tupperware India in the city recently. More than 500 women attended the event which was to enlighten and offer them the business opportunity of Tupperware and to build a community of successful business entrepreneurs.

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Tupperware India on recruitment drive

 Tupperware India, which now has about 50,000 active consultants to sell its products, is on a recruitment drive to enroll more women in its ranks. The company enrolls only women as consultants.

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