Message from MD during COVID 19


More Time Caring! More Time Living!

The last few weeks have been challenging for the human race. As nature reclaims its rightful position, it’s a harsh reminder for us to be more considerate and gentle towards all natural resources available. The pandemic has spared no nation, race or brand and we are all in this together. One big family separated by distance but united by a single cause. A cause to take care of each other and the planet. This time has redefined our priorities and made us realise the importance of personal health, family welfare and above all, made us more considerate towards Mother Nature.

As a key member of this family called Tupperware India, I cannot go without mentioning how I have been touched by the earnestness of the Tupperware values as we believe in contributing to the society and preserving nature. Tupperware India promises to leave a legacy for the next generation that will drive positive change in many lives. We have always received immense love from our long standing customers, a relationship which we have nurtured with true integrity on back of best in class quality and brand promise.

Tupperware has always been a brand closer to home and community and now it is even more so. The new consumer demands emanating from this changing scenario are in sync with the ethos and values of our brand as millions of people are spending More Time at Home. We offer to you, our product solutions to spend ‘More Time Living, Loving, Laughing and Caring for your loved ones’.

As we all continue to face the Lockdown 2.0 in India, we are reaching out to you using the power of social media to talk about the things a person can do indoors. We have shared a musical face-off, where the members of the family talk to each other using nothing but songs. To make the quarantine time more engaging, we are also doing a ‘Try this at Home’ series for quick recipes to build immunity and even to satisfy hunger pangs as well as easy-to-do exercises to keep us all in good shape.

Additionally, let’s not forget people who are not as privileged as us. At Tupperware we have associated with Zomato Feeding India to ‘Nourish the Needy’ and are supporting their ‘Feed the Daily Wager’ initiative by feeding over 5000 families impacted by COVID 19. I humbly suggest that we all contribute and support the needy if we can.

I urge you all to take a moment and pause to count your blessings, pray for those who are fighting this battle on the frontline, offer gratitude to our social warriors who are holding the fort and reflect on things as we navigate this challenging phase.

Stay Healthy and Safe,


Deepak Chhabra

Managing Director, Tupperware India