Success Stories

The Unlimited Business Possibilities

For 70 years, in over 80 countries across the globe, more than 3 millions of lives have been transformed. Individuals, families, communities have been empowered with a simple formula: Tupperware believes that building and investing in people helps them grow; and the company grows together with them.

The brand gave and continues to give an opportunity to women to gain confidence, to step out from the confines of the four walls, to do much more than just juggling between household chores and kids, and to turn dreams into reality.

The Tupperware business is one the most beautiful ways to contribute to your family. It also is a chance to meet and get connected with other women in a friendly environment. Be acknowledged, rewarded, respected, loved and get to own your financial freedom. Tupperware makes it all possible. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities.

Work with passion. Get rewarded!

Tupperware promises to support you throughout. We create an environment where you get to nurture yourself, groom yourself and learn how to climb the ladder of success. And when you succeed, we make sure everyone gets to know your success and be inspired.
All you have to do is put in your determination, passion, focus and love!

With Tupperware’s Unlimited Possibilities, you get to be self-dependent, earn extra income, which in turn will bring in travel, fun and excitement. Now family time will be cherished even more.

Enjoy freedom and flexibility

Where else will you get to choose your workplace and your own working hours? At Tupperware, we give every woman this unique and flexible opportunity.
From training you on products and how to sell them, to helping you in achieving your success – We make sure we give you all that one needs to be the passionate Tupperware Sales Force.

No compromise on family time, carry on with your other hobbies or interests, go wherever & whenever you want to, and keep on earning based on the hours you work. Incredible, isn’t it!

Choose to live a rewarding life

The Tupperware way of life is celebrating your right to choose the life you want to live!
There are incredible rewards and recognitions out there for the taking. Climb up the levels and you get to earn cars, dream vacations, jewelry, exciting onstage recognition and a lot more. We take pride in stating that no other company rewards like we do. The possibilities are unlimited!

Cooling-off Policy

Tupperware's Cooling-off policy allows consideration to the consultant during the cool-off period.

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