Ayshwarya Santhosh

Hylite Party Sales(Vanguard Emerald Group Manager)


A Computer Engineering graduate who’s a Tupperware Vanguard Emerald Group Manager


“Tupperware has inspired me to give back and empower the women of the city where I grew up.”


A Computer Engineering graduate, on my way to join a leading IT concern in 2009, I wanted to pursue my MBA degree abroad. However, Tupperware inspired me. I was witnessing what it could literally do to thousands of ladies and their families, the positive transformation in their lives and the meaningful contribution they were making for their dear ones. Also, I love the concept of ‘fun, learn as well as earn.


With this inspiration, I joined as a Consultant in 2010 in Hylite Party Sales Chennai, and gradually grew to become Group Manager with 5 Managers in Chennai. And then in 2013, I took the assignment of developing a new area, which I developed to become a Group Manager with 9 Managers. I am now working in Madurai area, where I am Group Manager with 6 Managers, and heading for more. The Kitchen Expert Program and the Fridge and Freezer Makeover Program designed by Tupperware had high impact

in increasing my productivity and helping me become a Vanguard Manager.


Given that I have learnt the benefits of performing ethical business by applying the wonderful business model devised by our organization, I was able to grow myself and transform and empower the women of the city where I’ve grown. I have changed lives of more than 500 women by introducing them to this Opportunity. I am building their confidence, changing lives and imparting financial independence. I have achieved 3 international trips as Group Manager, and have achieved 1st position across India in Overall Sales in 2012.


I regard this career to be much more meaningful and sensible than what 

I would have had with my MBA abroad; as this gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction. I wonder what could be more joyful than seeing people with smiles? This pushes me ahead to do more!