Jyoti Gupta

Team Leader(Kreative Party Sales)


My name is Jyoti Gupta. I am a TL in buildup period from Kreative PS. Born and brought up in Nepal, I always dreamt of making a career wherein I will not be dependent on anyone. I left my fulltime job after marriage and after my kids were born, my priorities changed.

Taking the Tupperware Opportunity has changed my life. I became a manager in 5 months. Tupperware has taught me a fun way to earn and the mantra is, ‘Party’, I do a lot of demonstrations, that’s one way which helps me to showcase the magic of Tupperware products.

I don’t have to ask people to buy the products, they witness the magic themselves and buy it from me that too without asking for discounts. The price of the product for me is not a concern as I have confidence in the usability that Tupperware offers and I impart that confidence in my consultants also. It’s the result of Demo parties that I always have an order of 3- Inspire from my unit. It’s because of the demo parties that I have been able to save my profit on every order.