Shafali Vijay

Madhur Ratnam party Sales(Manager)


As the mother of two young kids, Bhavya  and Harshvardhan, the quality and variety of Tupperware encouraged me to get in touch with Dipti (Distributor - Dwarka), and when she shared the Tupperware Opportunity I was hooked and took it up.


As a New Consultant, I was introduced

to the New Consultant Onboarding Program (NCOP) to fast track my success. I am happy to share that I have completed all the 3 steps.


First Step: I attended the Fresher’s Day

at the Distributorship. My Announcement Party gave me the confidence that I can manage work and home both. From talking to strangers with confidence and participating in the Cook With Me (CWM) marathon, it was fun.


Second Step: I attended the 4 Corner Product Training at the Distributorship.

I also attended a Kitchen Expert session conducted by my Distributor using the latest Kitchen Expert App. The experience was amazing and the hostess signed up for the Tupperware opportunity.


I want to become a Kitchen Expert and have registered for the training to grow my business faster.


Third Step: I attended the Consultant University where I was taken through the Manager Opportunity and there I found wings for my dream of financial freedom and self-identity.


At every step I could feel myself evolving and becoming more confident.


I was promoted to a Manager in

Week 6, 2017 and have named my unit “Harshbhav” after my two children.


All this has been made possible because of my Distributor’s support and by following the path in the NCOP. The Products – My First Party Set, Kitchen Storage Set and Speedy Chef all work as part of my Party Bag. Following this program successfully has helped me to gain confidence and acquire all the skills to be a successful Business woman.