Vandana Khandelwal

Udaan Party Sales( Vanguard Emerald Group Manager)


“Tupperware has shown me the way to live a life, of purpose and dignity.”


A hard-working lady with lots of dreams in her eyes, Vandana joined Tupperware in 2012.

Tragedy hit her world with the untimely demise of her husband and the responsibility of being the bread winner of the family fell on her. With her daughter and Tupperware as support, she decided to re-start her life. Within 2 months of joining Tupperware she was promoted to Manager level. She enjoys selling Tupperware and follows the Tupperware plan to the core. She is a certified Kitchen Expert and does at least one Kitchen Expert hour every week. She is known as the KE Queen of Udaan Party Sales.


She is now a Vanguard Emerald Group Manager with two Baby Managers. For her, Tupperware became financial, social and emotional support. Her life is a true example of the possibilities that Tupperware Income Opportunity presents.