Fusion Party Sales(Group Manager)


I am a soft spoken and polite person. My first tryst with Tupperware was an Assembly, after which I joined the Tupperware Business Opportunity in 2013. This day changed my life forever. My dream was to travel abroad on my own!


Today I am a Group Manager and will see this dream come true this month. I have qualified for the Incentive Trip and my family and I take pride in my achievement. This will be the first time I will travel alone and I am excited!

I was able to accomplish this goal because I became a trained Kitchen Expert after my Distributor, THR Lakshmi explained in detail the merits of this training program.


I vividly remember my first Kitchen Expert Hour with an initially hesitant hostess who ended up placing an order of Rs. 10,000. I vouch for the Kitchen Expert Program which has provided me with confidence to close sales in a professional and solution-oriented manner. I have now provided Kitchen Expert solutions to 15 more homes in the same residential complex.


I have successfully achieved the Star Consultant level every month since I became a Kitchen Expert and aspire to become an Executive Manager in the future. I am a strong leader today and my team looks up to me for inspiration.