The Beginning


In 1946, Mr. Earl Tupper with his acumen, skill and innovative thinking, started a never-to-end revolution with Tupperware. Tupperware products created a need and space for practical and durable products. The brand made its debut about 75 years ago, it is still revolutionising lives across the world.

Brownie Wise, a remarkable American salesperson, was a pioneer of this revolution. She identified the need for product demos and introduced a party plan system, which ultimately created entrepreneurial opportunities for women. This system went on to break all records and made Tupperware a leading homeware brand across the globe. 

Tupperware is now sold in almost 100 countries. In almost seven decades, the products have become more diverse, environmentally-responsible and durable.


Key milestones in India:


  • Tupperware operations starts in India- Delhi being the first market.
  • Tupperware enters India with their Fridge Range- Jugs, Tumbler, Cool N Fresh, Bowled Over
  • With a sales force of 30-40 women and an employee force of 10-15 people, Tupperware makes an entry in the Indian market.


Tupperware India launches the Aquasafe bottles, which creates a nationwide sensation.


Tupperware India starts a new manufacturing plant in Dehradun.


Tupperware refurbishes India’s Head Office in Gurgaon – ‘Home of Confidence’ inaugurated by Rick Goings, Chairman & CEO – Tupperware Brands Corporation.


Tupperware launches gifting range.


Tupperware launches Kitchen Expert Set for Kitchen Makeovers.


With changing market dynamics, the brand undertook a strategic transformation and recently adopted a harmonized multi-channel approach. The 3 key channels for the brand are:

  1. Direct Selling
  2. Exclusive Brand Stores
  3. Webstore and E-Commerce


Tupperware becomes the first Direct selling brand to introduce Social Selling.

Tupperware launches Homeshops to further strngthen its Direct Selling salesforce.