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The moment you decide to be a part of this incredible Tupperware family. The first step is to just begin with a party!

A group of women chatting over tea is actually how business is done at Tupperware. With zero investment initially, you just need to have a venue, guests and some refreshments and you are ready to throw your very own Tupperware party.

You’d be happy to know that your manager is always there for you to plan, organise, do the chitchat, showcase products, and give a live demo. She will also help you in selling with the help of catalogues and guide you with how to place orders. The Tupperware Manager will make sure that your first Tupper Party is a success and is full of fun. Talking about fun, it’s always good to add a dash of excitement in your parties.

You can think of a party theme, you can also host your party in any style you choose, be it traditional or even dress up. Add to it, you can even choose your venue – by the pool, indoors, at the lawn or wherever.

Enjoy being a host, learn how the products sell and make money. Be empowered, enlightened and educated. Inspire and pass this knowledge to many others like you!

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